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Together, Nick and Brock have spent 21 years serving their communities as first responders and continue to do so full-time today.  As first responders we have the unique blessing of being in a position to tangibly affect people’s lives in a positive way on a daily basis.

The Freedom Flannel Company is an apparel company we created to spread that positivity and provide clothing and swag to people who love America. In particular, everyone loves a good flannel. Dress it up, keep yourself warm, or cut the sleeves off. Flannels are great for every occasion, time of year and never go out of style. We are committed to supporting Law Enforcement, Veterans, First Responders, and everyone else who make personal sacrifices in order to make a positive impact in their communities. 

Most of all, we believe in the inalienable rights we have as Americans to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Love God, love your families and love your country. Build foundations of character, integrity and work ethic. Remember we work to live, don’t live to work. Work hard and LIVE FREE!      

Thank you for supporting our small business!